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A Selection Of Clients That Siddiqi Has Worked With

Do these three questions resonate for you with being truly SEEN in your career, vocation and relationships?


Are you HIDING from your calling?


Are you ALLOWING others to dictate your visibility in business and relationships?


Are you struggling to release PAST pain blocking your FUTURE happiness?

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Being SEEN is about being all you are WITHOUT APOLOGY!

Do you find yourself asking these questions?

"Why hasn't my investment in learning 'how to be better' delivered for me ?"

"Why do I run from the exciting opportunities I seek?"

"When will I be accepted for who I am?"

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Siddiqi Ray - your guide

The Mastering Visibility videos and programs are taught by Siddiqi Ray.

Siddiqi is the founder of Soulshift Retreats and Events and is the creator of the ground-breaking Soul Portrait™ process.

For over 30 years Siddiqi has worked with world leading organisations and leaders including The Mayo Clinic, Target, The Associated Press, The Navy Seals, The Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela and The Kennedys to support their visibility and work in the world.

Siddiqi was also awarded the Icon Award by the International Womens Economic Forum for her work with women community leaders. 

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Find out which archetype you are and how that impacts your visibility – positively and negatively.