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Mastering Visibility

Do Your Feel You May Be Hiding From Your Potential?

The world needs you and your gift. You know that, but sometimes it can be challenging to find the bravery and the focus to reveal your self to the world. If that sounds like you, we need to talk. I specialize in helping women get to the other side of this challenge.

Is Your Inner Voice Stopping Your Outer Success?

Through life we get wounds. The internal wounds unlike our external wounds can last for a lifetime unless they are addressed and released. In Mastering Visibility we focus on releasing the blocks that can hold you back for a lifetime, if left unaddressed.

Do You Want To Create Positive Change In The World?

You can't sell a secret. In order for you to create the legacy you were born for you need to show up visibly. In Mastering Visibility I share with you the secrets of 30 years in the field of visibility, over $100K in education, and my lessons from working with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, The Kennedy family, Deepak Chopra, Associated Press, Time magazine, Mayo Clinic and many more.

Sage Lavine - Training Business owner

Rochelle Zanini - Energy Business owner

Baeth Davis - Coaching Business owner

Baeth Davis - Coaching Business owner

About Siddiqi

The Mastering Visibility videos and programs are taught by Siddiqi Ray.

Siddiqi is the founder of Soulshift Retreats and Events and is the creator of the ground-breaking Soul Portrait™ process.

For over 30 years Siddiqi has worked with world leading organisations and leaders including The Mayo Clinic, Target, The Associated Press, The Navy Seals, The Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela and The Kennedys to support their visibility and work in the world.

Siddiqi was also awarded the Icon Award by the International Womens Economic Forum for her work with women community leaders. 

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