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One-on-One Coaching Calls

You receive 6 Bonus Coaching Sessions (Valued at $3000) with Siddiqi in Mastering Visibility!

We strongly recommend you book coaching once a month. Clients who use their coaching get faster results.

If you need more sessions at the end of the program, you can purchase an add-on package.

Channelling Session With Siddiqi

You receive a complimentary Channeling Session with Siddiqi (Valued at $495)


You may have experienced or heard of “Channeling”. It means to channel a consciousness from another dimension or realm.

This consciousness can be referred to as spirits, or guides or perhaps angels. Every culture in the world has history of special people being able to ‘channel’.

These people have the ability to get access to this other realm. Siddiqi Ray is one of those people.


Have you ever prayed, or meditated on something important and not felt like you got a response? We all have.

Well, what if there was another way to unblock that response that people around the world have been using for thousands of years?!

Channelling is the tool to unlock this insight.

Set Up For Success Call

You receive a Mastering Visibility – Getting Set Up For Success session (Valued at $195).

This is a BONUS session with Siddiqi where she will spend 30 minutes working through ONE of the following with you:

  1. Wardrobe Review (identify 3 specific looks for the camera)
  2. Lighting Set-up (lighting, background, camera angle) on Zoom or
  3. FB LIVE specific “How To” Questions Tech Set-up (sound, computer issues)

Binaural Meditations

You can access your three custom Binaural Meditations by using this link (valued at $47 each)

SAFE TO BE SEEN - Virtual Retreat


Set your intentions for your Visibility Success in 2021 with Siddiqi and her team. (Valued at $2000)

At this retreat you will learn:

  • How to rapidly reprogram your superconscious to effortlessly move through the major blocks you may be facing, so that you feel safe in being seen.
  • How to define a clear Avatar of your ideal prospects, partners and platforms with a very fun small group exercise. This exercise will leave you with increased confidence and motivation to focus on your visibility in 2021

Date: FEBRUARY 23, 2021

Time: 11am – 4pm PST

Access: Virtual Retreat Link

Please Note: All bonuses have an expiration date. They are available for the 6-month period you are in the Mastering Visibility Program. After the Program is completed, if you have not used your sessions or any other bonus, you will forfeit the session or access to the bonus. As per your Program Agreement, you have the ability to download and keep the materials for your use, but we respectfully request that you do not share access to this page with anyone else.