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The Truth About Your Visibility Archetype

You are the LOVER first and foremost because you are an empathic, joyful, and heart-centered thought leader.
Your gift is to transform your clients’ feelings of isolation, fear of intimacy, and shame into self-acceptance and belonging.
By providing LOVE and VALIDATION.
Your visibility leadership thrives on connecting, healing, and creating business relationships that are authentic.
As the LOVER, greater visibility means having a deeper impact on others…and growing your income!
You are here to triumph and change the world by following your heart’s path, leading with emotional intelligence,
and helping others thrive in their pursuit of passions.
​Abundance and financial well-being flow naturally to you as a result.

The Shadow Side Of Your Archetype

But there is a shadow side to the LOVER…and that is being the CHAMELEON!
You know you are on the shadow side of your archetype when you are being inauthentic, avoidant, and anxious.
Rather than embrace who you are, you people please to the point of forgetting what you know to be true…
That we are all at our most powerful when being ourselves.

Your Archetypes Gifts

To be the inspirational, community building, energetic thought leader you know you are, LOVER
you must bring all of yourself, especially your heart, out…of…hiding!


Inspired action comes from sharing your truth and helping others do the same.


You are positive, and in touch with your feelings, and believe LOVE is always the answer.


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