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The Truth About Your Visibility Archetype

You are the QUEEN first and foremost because you are a powerful, independent, and influential thought leader.
Your gift is to transform your clients’ feelings of low self-esteem and self-worth into confidence, radiance, and joy.
By proudly wearing your crown of AMBITION and AUTHORITY,
and teaching them to do the same!


Your visibility leadership thrives on the desire to LEAVE A LEGACY and to display your ROYALTY in real life.
As the QUEEN, greater visibility means having a profound impact on others…and growing your income!
You are here to triumph and rule from your throne of authenticity.
​Abundance and financial well-being flow naturally to you as a result.

The Shadow Side Of Your Archetype

But there is a shadow side to the QUEEN…and that is being a FRAUD!
You know you are on the shadow side of your archetype when you feel like you’re faking it and become isolated,
especially when others don’t respond to the mask you wear (“How dare they?! Off with their heads!”).
This visibility wound keeps you from accessing your true power and at times,
​leaves you feeling lonely.

Your Archetypes Gifts

To become the empowered, impactful, and worshipped thought leader you know you are, QUEEN,
you must bring all of yourself, especially your innate ROYALTY out…of…hiding!


Your power comes from years of preparation, and know the world is waiting to embrace you with open arms.  


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​Because if anyone deserves to be a successful business leader (and make more money!), ROYAL QUEEN, it’s YOU!