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The Truth About Your Visibility Archetype

]You are the SAGE first and foremost because you are a wise, authentic, and spiritually awake thought leader.
Your gift is to transform your clients’ feelings of self-doubt, inadequacy, and confusion into self-knowledge and confidence.
By providing TRUST and GUIDANCE.
Your visibility leadership thrives on wisdom, understanding, and business as a spiritual path.
As the SAGE, greater visibility means having a deeper impact on others…and growing your income!
You are here to triumph and change the world through your intellectual power, intuition, and innate problem-solving abilities.
​Abundance and financial well-being flow naturally to you as a result.

The Shadow Side Of Your Archetype

But there is a shadow side to the SAGE…and that is being the JUDGE.
You know you are on the shadow side of your archetype when you withhold your genius out of fear of rejection,
criticize yourself and others unfairly, and hide behind the blocks that appear on your path
(even as you sagely recognize that whatever blocks your path is your path!).
Rather than embrace belonging, the fear of losing control takes the priestess off her high road of kindness
​and away from her core belief…that all are worthy of love and connection.

Your Archetypes Gifts

To be the inspirational, daring, provocative thought leader you know you are, SAGE,
you must bring all of yourself, especially your wisdom, out…of…hiding!
Inspired action comes from your tapped-in insight, unique perspectives, and clear-sighted discernment.
You are unbiased, detached, and know that the TRUTH will liberate YOU and all whom you encounter.
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